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We’ve gathered more than 100 Ukrainian brands that were forced to stop working in Ukraine due to the beginning of the war. Today, our mission is to preserve the work of these brands in order to continue to provide jobs.

You can order a box for any amount and get random bestsellers from the best Ukrainian brands.
Or, you could select and buy the products you like directly in our shop page (we add new products every day).

How You Can Help

You can donate any amount of money and get a box with different goods for an equivalent amount. All funds will be distributed among the brands. So they will get financial help and will be able to continue working without firing employees.

Or you can choose the products you like directly in our shop and help brands in this way.

You make a donation

Fill out the form with your shipping information and your preferences to receive the goods and make a donation. 

We transfer this funds to our partner brands

As soon as we receive funds, we buy goods from our partner Ukrainian brands, so they can send products to our warehouse. We design a gift box for you according to the size of your donation.

You receive box with products in 3-4 weeks

After we receive all the goods in the warehouse, we put them in the gift box together and send to you. There may be delays in logistics due to the situation in our country.

Share this campaign and buy again!

Share this site and the products you received among friends on social media. This way you will be able to help Ukrainian business even more. Also, you could buy exact products directly from our shop.

Products that you can receive in random box:

Trusted by Ukrainian companies  

..and many others

Our Team

Petro and Volodymyr are co-founders of homewear brand Swatti and members of the largest business club in Ukraine – YBC.

Like many of our colleagues, we lost 90% of our sales and, having experience in worldwide e-commerce, decided to combine all the niche Ukrainian brands on one platform to help save our businesses and teams. 

We will post weekly/montly reports and financial statement in our page and social media soon.

Volodymyr Chorniy


Petro Pavlikha


Roksolana Yerushevska


Bohdan Lesiv

PPC Specialist

Dear customers thank you for all your support

Is it a scam?

We are sorry if you decide that our project is a scam. As you know, we started this project recently. To be honest, we didn’t plan to start it at all. We had other plans for the future. But we do not complain, we will do everything possible to change your mind.

Every day we update our website and connect more and more Ukrainian brands to our store. You can write to any of the brands represented on our page and get the answer that they work with us. You can write to us on social networks. Yes, our team members don’t have many friends in Linkedin. Sorry for this, friends. We just didn’t use this social network often before the war starts…

You can also check the information about the domain we purchased.

By the way, if you make a payment and haven’t received your order yet, you can get a refund. Please, contact us:

How my donation will be distributed?
Products Cost

The main amount of funds goes to purchase goods from independent Ukrainian brands.

Marketing Cost

Since our project started recently, we have to use advertising to get more people to know us. 8% of your donation goes to advertising.

Logistics Cost

We offer a free shipping for you. Depending on your location and weight of your box, delivery will cost us 8-14 euros. Cost of delivery from brands to our warehouse in Lviv is also included here.

Commission of our platform

The commission of our platform is 10% from your donation. This money goes to the salary of our team and taxes to Ukrainian government.

When I receive my order?

Usually, it takes 3–7 days to fulfill an order, after which it’s shipped out.

Delivery from Ukraine may be delayed due to the war and will take approximately 3-4 weeks depending on your location. It can be estimated as follows:

  • USA: 3–4 weeks
  • Europe: 3–4 weeks
  • Australia: 3–4 weeks
  • Ukraine: 4-5 days
How I can track my order?

You will receive a tracking number when your order is shipped. You could track it here:

Ukroshta is the national postal service of Ukraine. Currently, international companies such as DHL, USPS have not resumed their stable work in Ukraine.

Why you don't have a PayPal?

Unfortunately, PayPal for business doesn’t work in Ukraine yet. We cannot connect it to our Ukrainian company. The only way to connect PayPal is to register a company outside of Ukraine and pay taxes abroad. Unfortunately, we cannot do this during martial law in Ukraine.

We work with Wayforpay and Fondy. They both have the highest security rating – PCI DSS Level 1. So you payment cards are in safe.

We need your support more than ever


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